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Company Profile

Fujian province Jinjiang city style Ceramics Co。 Ltd is specializing in the production of building ceramics enterprises。 Italy companies to introduce advanced equipment, the use of domestic and foreign high-quality materials, with exquisite ceramic technology, through the ISO9001 quality management system and product quality certification。

Products mainly to the classic brick as the leadership, not only the new style, variety, high hardness, low water absorption, strong corrosion resistance, more to design good taste, good service and reputation, so many overseas customers, building design institute, construction units, real estate developers professional favor.

The company spirit of creating urban environment, people, culture and art focuses for the purpose, a matter of conscience to meet demand and the target customers, and constantly increasing R & D resources, adhere to the quality and technology of the persistent pursuit, is increasingly perfect sales network and perfect service. In good faith, unity, pioneering, shared business philosophy to create a beautiful mountain, brilliant tomorrow.

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