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Product features

One, complete specifications

Company is engaged in building ceramics production, providing home decoration boutique outside wall, Main specifications are: 45x45mm, 45x145mm, 34x73mm, 60x60mm, 60x108mm, 73x73mm,100x200mm, 60x200mm other specifications of the product.

Second, the quality and diversity

Specifications for each company's products are developed with different textures and colors, allowing customers to choose according to their interests demand products, development and production of all kinds of flat tiles, antique tiles, mushroom brick,imitate frosted tiles, whole body tiles and other series.

Three, glazed product advantages 

Fujian has a glazed facade suitable for the production of high-quality raw materials, production techniques and historical advantages, therefore, Fujian province is the largest production base of the outer wall, while the mountains of the company with existing advantages,down to earth, step by step, in the production and development glazed efforts, Fujian Province to become one of the largest ceramics production base.

Tile effect: product use imported glaze, fired at 1200 degree heat, frost resistance and to ensure the right never fade.

Glazed rich colors: the company introduced RBI, spray, clouds and frosted and other advanced equipment and technology, rich glaze colors, enhanced decorative effect。

Excellent physical and chemical properties: Products Straight roughness, frost resistance, acid and other physical and chemical properties are better than national standards, to reach the domestic advanced level.

Good concept development and design: from China's traditional culture and nature inspired, concise blend of traditional and modern, unconventional ideas, to create a classic brand, developed for different building wind grid tile.

Fourth, the whole body tiles product advantages

Jinjiang Mountain America Ceramics Co。, Ltd。 is the earliest development and production of body tile enterprises, is the early introduction of plate kiln production enterprises, is also currently the largest production and sales quintana bricks one of the enterprises。 The company introduced a world-class raw material processing equipment: large ball mill, 10。8x8m the slurry tank, spray drying tower, stainless steel hopper, powder mixer, and through bulk purchases of raw material way, the stability of the same batch of product quality, to solve the whole body length of brick production common color problems。

Good flatness: German company to introduce Royce press, high density mold, the mold core and plate diversification kiln technology, can effectively avoid deformation of the defective product, ensure flatness.

Low water absorption: through selection of high-quality raw materials, equipment drying kiln firing to extend good time to allow the mountain beauty body tile water absorption than the national standard。

Frost and strong: high density product with good quench resistance, resistance to thermal resistance, will not crack in cold regions。

Excellent physical and chemical properties: consistent product quality, lasting color is still fresh.

Good concept development and design: product imitation of natural texture and color, imaginative, unique style, so that the buildings after paving hui classic and fashion.

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